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Kingsview Partners Welcomes Wealth Managers | Partners Greer Ducker, Jeff Champigny, and Lisa Rosenberg in Greensboro, North Carolina

Kingsview Partners Welcomes Wealth Managers | Partners Greer Ducker, Jeff Champigny, and Lisa Rosenberg in Greensboro, North Carolina

Former Edward Jones Advisors Specialize in Multigenerational Family Wealth

Kingsview Partners announced today that Wealth Managers | Partners Greer Ducker, Jeff Champigny, and Lisa Rosenberg have officially joined Kingsview Partners in Greensboro, NC.

This powerhouse team specializes in multigenerational family wealth: retirement, charitable giving, estate planning, and putting children on a responsible financial path. I will share a little information about them here, but please also link to their respective advisor profiles so you can read their complete biographies.

Greer A. Ducker, AAMS®, ADPA®, has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of North Carolina Greensboro and nearly 25 years of experience in the financial industry. His client-focused approach extends beyond the realm of financial advice to encompass ongoing support and guidance, ensuring that clients remain informed, engaged, and empowered throughout every stage of their financial journey.

“I’ve always believed that the essence of financial management lies in the relationships we build,” says Greer. “It’s incredibly rewarding to see my clients achieve their financial goals and know that I’ve played a part in their success.”

Jeff Champigny is committed to guiding individuals, families and businesses toward their financial goals. With a Bachelor’s degree in Health Fitness Specialist from East Carolina University and a Master of Sport Leadership from Virginia Commonwealth University, Jeff offers a unique blend of knowledge and expertise backed by seven years of industry experience.

“In the world of finance, knowledge isn’t just important—it’s everything. I’m committed to providing my clients with more than just advice; I’m here to arm them with the insights, information, and understanding they need to navigate today’s financial landscape.”

Lisa Rosenberg brings a unique blend of expertise, passion, and dedication to her role as a Kingsview Wealth Manager. With a Master’s in Mathematics from Binghamton University and a background in academia, Lisa’s journey into wealth management is a direct result of her innate curiosity, commitment to education, and a profound understanding of the value of long-term planning.

“Numbers are the language of possibility, but understanding someone’s personal stories and motivations is key in helping them plan for the future they envision. Strong and lasting relationships with my clients are so important to our work together.”

Ducker, Champigny and Rosenberg’s office is at 806 Green Valley Rd #106, Greensboro, NC 27408. They can be contacted by calling (336) 346-2170 or via the Kingsview.com website.

Kingsview Partners Welcomes Partners | Wealth Managers Shannon Avery & Kolby J. Madsen

Kingsview Partners Welcomes Partners | Wealth Managers Shannon Avery & Kolby J. Madsen

Kingsview Partners today announced the addition of their newest wealth managers in Greensboro, North Carolina. Shannon Avery, AAMS®, and Kolby J. Madsen are former Edward Jones advisors who offer their clients in-depth industry experience and a deep commitment to personalized financial solutions.

Working with Kingsview allows these advisors to provide comprehensive client services, including holistic financial planning, professional portfolio management, streamlined performance reporting and collaboration with tax and legal professionals.

Shannon Avery, AAMS® 

Partner | Wealth Manager Shannon Avery, AAMS®, holds a Business Administration and Management degree from Utah’s Western Governor’s University. She began her work in the financial field in 1993, returning to wealth management in 2016 after a long break to raise a family.

As a fiduciary, Shannon places her clients’ best interests at the forefront of her practice. “Finances often stir up strong emotions, influencing our decisions in profound ways. As someone who approaches financial matters with discipline and a steady hand, I help maintain clarity amidst the noise of emotions”, says Shannon. “My role is more than managing numbers; it’s also about providing a calming presence, offering rational guidance, and ensuring that my clients make informed decisions aligned with their long-term objectives.”

With a highly collaborative approach, Shannon builds enduring partnerships based on trust and accountability, ensuring each client receives personalized strategies aligned with their specific goals. She is particularly interested in supporting bloggers and influencers nationwide and offers tailored guidance to help them navigate fluctuating income streams, organize their finances, and mitigate tax liabilities.

Kolby J. Madsen

Partner | Wealth Manager Kolby J. Madsen operates his independent Kingsview Partners practice in Greensboro, North Carolina. With a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Utah Valley University and a desire to help others, Kolby originally began his career in medicine, but found his calling as a financial advisor.

Kolby’s analytical mindset and problem-solving skills have proven the perfect fit for his work, and he takes a personalized approach with his clients, recognizing they each have unique goals and aspirations. He works closely with his clients to develop tailored strategies that align with their objectives, whether planning for retirement, growing a business, or preserving wealth for future generations.

“I understand the importance of securing a future where our loved ones thrive,” says Kolby. “Guiding my clients towards financial stability isn’t just about numbers—it’s about ensuring that every dream we envision for our families and our future becomes a reality.”

Shannon Avery and Kolby J. Madsen can be contacted by calling 336-346-2170 or through the Kingsview Greensboro website.