Kingsview Partners Welcomes Partner | Wealth Manager Keith Demetriades

by | Jun 9, 2023 | general, Press Releases

Former Edward Jones Advisor Opens Kingsview Partners Office in Pampa, Texas

Kingsview Partners today announced the opening of their newest office in Pampa, Texas.

Partner | Wealth Manager Keith Demetriades is a former Edward Jones advisor with twelve years of experience and a passion for providing financial education and guidance to his clients. Combining his engineering and military background, Keith brings a unique perspective to his work, leveraging his analytical skills and a profound understanding of the significance of financial literacy.

Keith’s journey began during his time in the military, where he witnessed individuals earning substantial incomes but struggling with financial insecurity. Remembering the wise words of his mother, who taught him that “it’s not what you make, it’s what you keep,” Keith recognized the crucial need for financial education in people’s lives.

This realization was further solidified as he worked toward a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical/Medical Engineering from Tulane University, where he honed his problem-solving abilities and attention to detail. Along the way, he noted a lack of financial education in traditional academic settings, prompting him to embark on a mission to help others understand the “why” behind their financial decisions.

For many, that “why” includes helping others, and Keith says, “Helping clients become good stewards of their resources allows them to reach their goals, plus increase their generosity towards others. It’s rewarding knowing my work helps not only the client in my office, but also those they care deeply about and want to provide for.”

After serving 24 years as a Naval Aviator in the US Navy, Keith retired in 2011 and transitioned into his second career at Edward Jones. He pursued further education to enhance his financial expertise, studying at UCLA and earning his Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) designation in 2016. Keith’s commitment to lifelong learning ensures that he remains current with the latest financial strategies and tools to better serve his clients.

“We are pleased to welcome Keith Demetriades to our team,” says Sean McGillivray, Kingsview Partners CEO. “His vast expertise and steadfast commitment to client education aligns seamlessly with our mission to offer comprehensive wealth management solutions.”

Kingsview’s newest office is at 721 W Kingsmill Ave., Pampa, TX 79065. Mr. Demetriades can be contacted by calling (806) 223-1105 or emailing