Kingsview Partners | Redefining Financial Advising

by | Apr 18, 2022 | Uncategorized

Kingsview Partners recently welcomed Chris Wright of Milford, Connecticut, joining the team after 25 years at Wells Fargo. Having worked with both families and individuals, Chris specializes in helping clients plan for short-term and retirement needs. Chris prioritizes on generational continuity, which he believes is achievable through communication, honesty, and straightforward planning.

Experienced practicing advisors like Chris are drawn to Kingsview Partners because of our commitment to promoting autonomy, flexibility, and adhering to the specific needs of each financial advisor. Like many in his profession, Chris sought innovative, proactive, and engaging ways of helping and effectively delivering every promise made to his clients.

A major part of optimizing client care for our network of financial advisors is giving them a customized, flexible, and convenient work environment. Whether that means finding them a bigger office space or one that’s closer to home, we spare nothing when it comes to creating a comfortable and productive work environment.

In Chris Wright’s case, we even set his office space up in the comfort of his own home, where he can finally have that perfect work/home life balance he desired.

Take a look at Chris’ setup (and think about how we can make something similar a reality for your practice):

Unfortunately, the industry is further behind on adapting to modern means of implementing these conditions than many are willing to admit. This is especially the case among large companies that base their operations around the conventional corporate hierarchical paradigm. Kingsview Partners and Mr. Wright both share a mutual understanding on the importance of maintaining a unique and contemporary approach to servicing clients, along with keeping financial advisors readily connected to the necessary tools, resources, and conditions they need to provide high-quality satisfaction.

Recognizing and upholding these facets of financial service are what separate Kingsview Partners from other firms. Your path to operational freedom, an unfettered work/life balance, and expanding the capabilities of your business in ways that weren’t possible in your current situation are more conceivable and applicable than you may have been led to believe. You decide how to run and grow your business in your Kingsview partnership, but that all starts with making the most important decision of all – taking the first step.